Our Team

Steven Stetson – Director

Steve started his career at 16 in his home town funeral home and worked there through high school.  After finishing his education he completed his apprenticeship in Aurora, and stayed for two years gaining valuable experience.  He came to Chicago for more opportunities and met his wife Chris as a bonus!


When John G. Adinamis hired Steve in 1987 his odyssey with the Greek community began.

As part of his indoctrination John took him out on Western Avenue to instruct him on how to sweep the sidewalk!  It occurred to him that this man was rather detail oriented.


Steve feels fortunate that he was always allowed the time he needed to do the best job he was capable of, and develop his skills in the preparation room.  He is grateful that Vanessa shares John’s exemplary level of service and dedication required to maintain this quality of work that the families have so depended on over the decades.  Vanessa and her staff continue to strive to deliver that attention to detail that is John G. Adinamis’ legacy.


Steve considers it a honor and privilege to have been able to share the many bitter-sweet moments with so many of our families.

Olivia Varo – Director

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, as the oldest of five siblings, Olivia was raised to be a kind-hearted and compassionate woman with a love for serving her family, friends, and community with an open heart and busy hands.


After moving to Chicago to pursue an education in Forensic Science, a dear friend and retired funeral director suggested she would be far more suited to a life of service as a funeral director rather than a life spent in a laboratory. She attended Worsham College of Mortuary Science, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and finally found her true calling.


She has been a funeral director since 2014. She is always learning, reading, and growing to better serve families in need and credits her passion to several key mentors, including the late great John G. Adinamis.  Her specialty is in working with the consulates for transporting loved ones to their final resting place.


She currently lives in Chicago with her husband Ben and beloved fur babies Abbi and Riley.

Robert Jardien – Director

A lifelong Chicago native, Robert graduated from Notre Dame College Prep.  He then earned his Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University.


In 2008 Robert started driving funeral processions.  With over a decade of funeral experience, guidance, support and encouragement from his mentor John G. Adinamis he decided to become licensed and earned his degree from Worsham College of Mortuary Science.


Robert began directing for Memory Eternal in 2021 and continues to uphold the company’s legacy of service and comfort to families.  Robert enjoys working out, listening to live music and lives in Chicago with his dog Lee.

Maria Garcia – Office Manager

Born and raised in Chicago, the middle of three sisters Maria is bilingual in Spanish.  She received a diploma in computers from The College of Office Technology and she attended Wright College and Kennedy King College with majors in science and worked for MacNeal hospital in the Pathology/Cytology lab for 8 years.


Also a dental assistant, she met and worked with Vanessa Adinamis who at the time was a dental hygienist. This is how Maria met Vanessa’s late husband John G. Adinamis.  She always admired his kindness, professionalism and impeccable style!


Maria is licensed in preneed insurance and insurance trusts and is in charge of the company’s day to day schedules.  She is a notary as well!  Her organizational skills and attention to detail are extremely important to her and the business.


Maria is raising a beautiful teenage daughter and together they have dogs, and a bird!  In her spare time she loves to take her beloved father to the White Sox games!